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The Notary What a great summer read Whether it is because of the hot, burning sun or the sultry, building desire between the notary and the undercover cop within the pages..this book leaves you wanting Kudos again to the Adrianna Morgan S Life Takes A Dangerous Turn When She S Given An Incorrect Address For A Notary Assignment, Ending Up In The Wrong Place, At The Wrong Time Attempting To Take Down A Local Drug Ring, Lucas Hunter S Cover Is Blown When He Goes To The Aid Of A Beautiful Woman During An Undercover Operation But The Bad Guys Better Watch Out, Because This Sexy Cop Will Do Anything To Protect The Woman He Loves, No Matter How High The Body Count. Lucas gets jealous and has alpha possessive tendencies but he comes through in the end Where are you going Lucas paused, his jaw clenched tight To a dance club His voice seethed with the annoyance he couldn t seem to contain Peter chuckled I didn t know you were a closet dancer But, hey Whatever floats your boat Don t be an arse, Lucas snapped, and get in the f ing car Peter lifted his hands up, palms facing forward, and took a step back I don t think so He shook his head, laughing I love you like a brother, man But you re not exactly my idea of a dance partner Lucas shot him another pissed off glare and jerked his door open Suit yourself But Monica s there with Adrianna Peter frowned Monica s at a dance club Lucas nodded, then started the car as he slammed the door shut Peter raced to the passenger s side and slid in Lucas drove away from his house So, what s going on with the case Never mind that, Peter said, snapping his seatbelt What dance club did the girls go to Lucas chuckled, glad to see he wasn t the only one suffering here The one on Brady Street Monica pushed at his chest He s bleeding Yeah, Lucas said, rolling his shoulders back Ya wanna know where that 3.50 RATING There s something very appealing to me about Cheryl Yeko s stories and I m surprised that of my friends aren t reading this author Her characters always have instant chemistry and her heros are always protective, capable, and sexy There may not be a lot to her stories as most are not that long, but they qualify as a comfort read for me That being said, I liked the Notary but I didn t love it The heroine got on my nerves a bit She was just a little too naive and at times it seemed like she was in high school ins 2 starsA freelance notary is sent out to the middle of nowhere to the wrong address and gets caught in the middle of bad things while an undercover cop rescues her The Notary starts out with such promise, and the potential to be a great thriller Re I LOVED this book It had tons of action and romance with a sexy, protective alpha hero and a sweet, but strong female lead I fell in love with Lucas Great read The Notary by Cheryl Yeko is a fairly short, fast paced read Ms Yeko has delivered a book that is well written and loaded it with phenomenal characters Adrianna and Lucas story is loaded with drama, s WellThat was than I expected Sometimes kindle unlimited can be hit or miss, luckily this for me was a hit There are some seriously tense moments, and how many bodily injuries can one woman take in the span of oh, I don t know, but I think less than a week Seriously this was fast paced I m not exactly sure of the time span, but ZOOMthey meet, and I m thinking it was a row week time s Pretty good3 1 2 4 stars This book has an innocent h at the wrong place at the wrong time, and an ultra possessive H The storyline moved well, the writing style was pretty good, and it had a good suspense aspect I did think it was very unbelievable in some places like when the h is injured, and all the H could think about was his lust for her The plot was not overrun with sex scenes which is the impression I got from the beginning From the description, I thought it would be a tight suspense romance The suspense is mild and of a plot device to advance the story which isn t necessarily a bad thing.The hero is possessive of the h but not OTT alpha The heroine is innocent but spunky The story is a little pr

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