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Storm Siren (Storm Siren, #1) I had never heard of this book before requesting the sequel, Siren s Fury, on Netgalley I didn t realize it was a sequel until after I had gotten approved, so I had to go out and get myself a copy of this Now I m wondering why this book hasn t received attention I really enjoyed the world building here it was fun learning about the different kingdoms and politics going on The Uath il were an interesting concept, as was seeing how the different kingdoms accepted them I would like to know about Uath il as the series progress I hope the next books offer insight into how they came to be how they came to be treated how they are I would also like to know about why the kingdom of Faelen was so accepting of the requirement to kill all Elementals Why are Elements only ever boys Why is Nym the only girl Elemental that we know of There s definitely an interesting start, but I hope to learn in the next books The plotline at times was a bit predictable, I knew when something was up, and I guessed a couple of the twists, but it was still enjoyable The pacing was a bit slow in the beginning, but I didn t feel like it dragged, and it definitely picked up of the course of the book And be warned, there s a pretty cruel cliffhanger, so make sure you have the sequel on standby.I liked Nym, she had a good heart, she wanted to prot DNF page 162 maybe 02 01 19The trouble I went through to read this book wow was it not worth it.Story time in which a bookworm goes to the library to return two books she had borrowed before she left for Christmas break She went there with the intention of not borrowing any books, because she was leaving in two days and she totally didn t have the time to read another book and return it immediately But you know what Said girl went to the YA section just to give a look for next time and she saw this book So you expect her to remember the book for when she comes back from Christmas break, right Wrong She borrows it and brings it across Europe Such a clever thing to do, it s not like she already has a lot of luggage to carry around But at least she was loving the book The main character was strong and witty and the world building seemed amazing Fast forward to the plane journey when she reads on, surpasses page 100 and finally starts to understand why she never heard of this book before and why no one ever gushed about it.Once home she decides to take a break from the book and start another one, or two, or three That borrowed book stays on her bedside table for the entire break She didn t predict that at all Now she s going back to grad school and not only had she to renew the library Read Storm Siren Storm Siren, 1 Author Mary Weber Jobs In Kingston.co.uk In A World At War, A Slave Girl S Lethal Curse Could Become One Kingdom S Weapon Of Salvation If The Curse And The Girl Can Be ControlledI Raise My Chin As The Buyers Stare Yes Look You Don T Want Me Because, Eventually, Accidentally, I Will Destroy You As A Slave In The War Weary Kingdom Of Faelen, Seventeen Year Old Nym Isn T Merely Devoid Of Rights, Her Elemental Kind Are Only Born Male And Always Killed At Birth Meaning, She Shouldn T Even Exist.Standing On The Auction Block Beneath Smoke Drenched Mountains, Nym Faces Her Fifteenth Sell But When Her Hood Is Removed And Her Storm Summoning Killing Curse Revealed, Nym Is Snatched Up By A Court Advisor And Given A Choice Be Trained As The Weapon Faelen Needs To Win The War Or Be Killed.Choosing The Former, Nym Is Unleashed Into A World Of Politics, Bizarre Parties, And Rumors Of An Evil Sinister Than She S Being Prepared To Fight Not To Mention The Trainer Whose Dark Secrets Lie Behind A Mysterious Ability To Calm Every Lightning Strike She Summons.But What If She Doesn T Want To Be The Weapon They Ve All Been Waiting For Set In A Beautifully Eclectic World Of Suspicion, Super Abilities, And Monsters, Storm Siren Is A Story Of Power And Whoever Controls That Power Will Win. So good Shame on me for taking this long to read it Gorgeous writing, enthralling story, tense romance And as an extra added bonus the author is super sweet Definitely recommend. I liked the idea but the book wasn t for me I don t understand how you can have all of these powers but allow yourself be a slave But that s what turned me off this particular book from the beginning I just didn t understand Nym I m hoping their are plenty of others that love the book though 1 starBR with RachelleIn a Word Potential though let s face it all of it wasted OHMYGOD Let me take a moment to pick my jaw up off the floor The end of this book just kicked me in the face with a major cliffhanger But let s buckle our seatbelts for a moment because this review is about to get a little rough.MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW but they are all marked so definitely resist the urge to click the spoiler tag you have been warned The StoryOrphaned from a young age, Nym is a slave facing her 15th sale Nym has a dark past and a deep secret A secret that could have her killed A secret that has killed before A secret that is about to be revealed and exploited in a twisted tale of politics and war.Nym is an Elemental, able to control storms in a world where Elementals are always male and killed at birth She shouldn t even exist, and now she must fight to control her powers and keep from becoming a weapon in the wrong hands.What I did likeBasically, this book was a medley of brilliant ideas and excellent plotline with poor execution Ok so yeah, maybe that s not exactly a pro More like a backhanded compliment Oh well, it s the best I could do The potential of this book was phenomenal, but it just had WAY too many blaring issues in development to really become anything great.Nym was a likeable MC She was strong and powerful but she was also flawed and sc From one cliffhanger ending author to another.Thank you.Nym is real.Eogan is totally swoon worthy.The ending killed me I love it.Peeps, read this book And then you ll want to own a flesh eating horse P 2016 Book Awards Runner Up Heroine of the Year 2016awarded to Nym information about these awards on my blog Thanks to Winnie who bought me this for Christmas I need some good GIFs to describe how I feel right now Hold on.Did you all get that Good, because I m still a mess because of this book.Seriously, from reading the excerpt I thought it would be good But I did not expect this sort of emotional Throne of Glass esq roller coaster of emotions alright, maybe not quite, but you get the idea First of all I love Nym, the main character She sees herself as a monster, she has these dangerous powers that she cannot control and they have caused people to die and she carves memorials into her arm to remind herself of this The arm that is not inked with the circles marking her as a slave, that is But yeah self harm is a part of this story and as it is all written from Nym s point of view it can become quite intense at times when she just desperately want to cut herself because of something she has done And I do feel like there are other stories with similar plots like this that misses that that raw need to harm yourself because of what you ve done to others.I could talk about this forever, by the way, but I think it s better if you pick up the book and you ll see what I m talking about.Personally I love a book that doesn t have a complicated language and you can skim some sentences without missing out on a ton of details a Well, this is awkward Every one of my friends who read this book either liked it or loved it Sigh, I guess we all feel this way from time to time Right Alright then, let me explain you why this book didn t capture my heart.First off, I can t go on without saying that I had a feeling about this book Somehow, I felt like I wouldn t enjoy it, and yes I admit that the cover had to do with it At first glance, I didn t like the cover at all but, then, the I looked at it, the I got curious about the actual story and learned to appreciate that girl in a long white dress seeming to fight nothing but, a forest perhaps The most gigantic problem of this story, in my opinion, is that it doesn t contain any atmosphere You see, there are some heavy or strong important subjects in this book but, while reading about those, I felt nothing Same thing happened for The Girl from the Well although I did like that one A BIT Also, there is a serious lack of world building It s as if the author thought we already know EVERYTHING about the creatures and magic and the war And she didn t even bother describing us the characters in detail, tell us some information about them that could make them endearing to us, except for Nym s main character parents who died That s about all we know about her and that she had many masters for she is a slave and killed a lot of peo MY INITIAL REACTION AFTER FINISHING STORM SIREN AS I REREAD THE HELL OUT OF THE LAST FEW PASSAGES, THIS WILL MORPH INTO DENIAL YOU CAN ONLY BE IN DENIAL FOR SO LONG BEFORE ANGER SETS IN This book is so so so so so good I might not be able to review this properly because of its epicness but I shall try slave about it I will just need to go through the grieving process first and recover Send help Obviously, I never got to the bargaining phase because there s nothing left to bargain for Mary Weber made sure of that Nothing s left to bargain for If that didn t give you any indication how crueltastic this book is, I don t know what will.I went on straight to depression, as people do, because that s where I excel at and the grieving process is not the freaking Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs You can skip if you want to and Maslow can t say anything about it I lounge around in this limbo for a short while read 3 days , thinking acceptance felt like a long way away Like the distance from L.A to Tokyo Because Ariana Grande clearly needs to have her presence known Oops, wrong artist.I do think I m in the acceptance phase right now but NO ONE DARE TALK TO ME ABOUT THIS BOOK S ENDING BECAUSE I M GONNA CLAW YOUR EYES OUT BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN SHOUT CRAZY I lied I m still in the anger phase.Let s pretend I m not at all unhinged while I prattle about why I m shoving STORM SIREN up your body holes First off, this is not a siren

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