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What Does the Bible Really Say about The Land? Was The Disengagement From Gaza Of God Or Not Is Israel S Presence In The Land Today Occupation Or Settlement Why Were The Jewish People Sent Into Exile For 2,000 Years What Does The Bible Have To Say About Anti Semitism Is There A Biblical Basis For Modern Zionism Will The Current Conflict In The Middle East Lead To A Global War This Book Is A Brief Attempt To Answer These Questions Through An Examination Of Numerous Biblical Passages From An Israeli And Messianic Jewish Perspective.

About the Author: Asher Intrater

Asher is one of the founders of Tikkun Ministries International with Dan Juster and Eitan Shishkoff He offers teaching seminars and revival meetings in many nations The Intraters are committed to world evangelism, the power of the Holy Spirit, personal integrity, the lordship of Yeshua, the unity of the Church, and the restoration of the nation of Israel.Having been raised in a conservative Jewish home in the United States, Asher came to faith in Yeshua Jesus by a series of supernatural experiences while traveling in Central America in 1977 78 He has degrees from Harvard University, Balti Hebrew College, and Messiah Biblical Institute Asher is the co author of Israel, The Church and the Last Days, and author of Covenant Relationships, The Apple of His Eye, The Five Streams, From Iraq to Armageddon , What Does the Bible Really Say About the Land , Who Ate Lunch with Abraham , and numerous original witnessing tracts in Hebrew.

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