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Dancing on the Edge (Loveswept, No 640) GREG Ruggedly Masculine, With Eyes The Color Of The Sky At High NoonStunt Coordinator Greg Ford Needed A Woman To Stand Up To Him, To Shake Him Up, And Annie Oakley Cartwright Decided She Was Just The Brazen Daredevil To Do It Something Burned Between Them From The Moment They Met, Made Annie Want To Rise To His Challenge, To Tempt The Man Who Made Her Lips Tingle Just By Looking But Was She In Over Her Head With Greg Still Battling Old Ghosts And Painful Memories He Was More Man Than She D Bargained ForFascinated By Her Silken Hair And Sassy Defiance, Greg Wanted To Make Love To Annie Until The Sun Came Up And The Bed Caved In, But Could She Ignite His Emotions The Way She Did His Libido Annie Trusted Him With Her Body, Ached To Ease His Sorrow With Her Rebel S Heart Once She D Reminded Him Life Was A Gamble, And Love The Biggest One Of All, Would He Dance With His Spitfire As Long As Their Music Played

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    This is the first loceswept romance I have ever read and I really enjoyed it

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