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Deeper Hell Exists It Is A Real, Geological, Historical Place Beneath Our Very Feet And It Is Inhabited Savagely.In An Intense And Imaginative Tour De Force, New York Times Bestselling Author Jeff Long Takes Readers Into The Depths Of The Earth Where A Primordial Intelligence Waits In The Darkness.A Decade Has Passed Since Doomed Explorers Unveiled A Nightmare Of Tunnels And Rivers Honeycombing The Earth S Depths After Millennia Of Suffering Terror And Predation, Humanity S Armies Descended To Destroy The Ancient Hordes Deep Beneath The Pacific Ocean, A Doomed Science Expedition Killed The Subterraneans Fabled Leader, And Suddenly It Seemed That Evil Was Dead And All Was Right With The World Again.Now Deeper Arrives To Explode That Complacency And Plunge Us Back Into The Sunless Abyss Hell Boils Up Through America S Subways And Basements To Take Its Revenge And Steal Our Children Against The Backdrop Of A Looming War With China, A Crusade Of Volunteers Races To Find The Vestiges Of A Lost Race But A Lone Explorer, The Linguist Ali Von Schade, Learns That A Far Greater Menace Lies In The Unexplored Heart Of The Planet The Real Satan Can T Be Killed, And He Has Been Waiting Since The Beginning Of Time To Gain His Freedom Man And His Pitiless Enemies Are Mere Pawns In The Greatest Escape Ever Devised.Mesmerizing And Concussive, This Darkly Brilliant Work Of Imagination Galvanizes Jeff Long S Reputation As A Prodigious Talent At Once A Love Story, The Ultimate Thriller, And An Extreme Adventure, Deeper Will Leave You Breathless.

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    3 StarsI loved the Descent book one in this series by Jeff Long and have put off reading this book for quite a long time It is a fun and easy page turner that does not live up to the first book This book does not have the tension,

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    The Descent was a modern Jules Verne for adults Its sequel, however, is a supernatural fantasy through and through The antagonist is an immortal fallen angel yearning to escape his underworld prison Prominent roles are played by souls that

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    I didn t love this book they way I loved it s prequel The Descent The first book was of an adventure exploration story, going down into the earth and discovering the Hadal s civilization This one delved into the identity of satan or the being trapp

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    Deeper holds a difficult position as the sequel to one of the decade s most shocking and imaginative horror novels, it creates very high expectations in its readers It is hard for such a book to fulfil them, and disgruntled, disappointed fans are almost given.

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    I read the first book, The Descent right at the end of last year so when I found there was a sequel I had to read it straight away I found Descent gripped me all the way through so I was hoping the same would be true for this one.Immediately, this lacked the edge of you

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    I ve waited a long time for this book and I wasn t disappointed It s not often that a sequel is better than the original but Jeff Long s sequel to The Descent is better and terrifying than the first.

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    I really enjoyed The Descent but this follow up was just plain nasty Too much religious babble Also had too much blood, gore, angst, torture, gore, evil, greed and gore with no real pay off Seems like a set up for yet another round below ground Sadly disappointing.

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    Long is a wonderful writer, but I thought this book would never end It was good to revisit the main characters from The Descent However, passion and interest grabbing momentum just aren t present in this sequ...

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    only complaint was that the author has too many sub plots and it can be distracting

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    Do not read while pregnant hormonally challenged.

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