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Everything New Under The Sun Abby Hayes Is An Ordinary Fifth Grader Trying To Invent A Role For Herself In A Seemingly Perfect World This Series Combines The Edge Of BRIDGET JONES With A Send Up Of Self Help BooksAbby S Best Friend, Jessica, Is Away For The Rest Of The School Year And Abby S Other Good Friends Seem To Be Spendingtime With Each Other Than They Are With Her So When Grandma Emma

About the Author: Anne Mazer

Quite a lot of Anne Mazer s writing education took place while she was unconscious Her parents wanted desperately to become writers and made themselves get up at 4 00 a.m Every morning in order to have writing time before their three young children awoke The first thing Anne heard every day was two big, noisy electric typewriters The furious sound of typing was her childhood wake up music During the day, her parents endlessly discussed ideas, plot, and character, and before she was seven years old, Anne knew about revisions, first and second drafts, and rejection slips It was like growing up in a twenty four hour, seven day a week writer s boot camp.In order to escape from her parents obsession with writing, Anne turned to books She was an avid reader from an early age and credits her love of reading for her writing career Her favorite works were fantasy, fairy tales, historical fiction, humor, realistic fiction, and adventure Her other interests were language, art, history, and science At the age of twelve, she wanted to be an actress, a ballerina and a nuclear physicist These careers were rapidly eliminated as she realized that a she couldn t dance, b she couldn t act and c she hated math.Although at the time Anne thought writing was nothing but a nuisance, she now considers herself very lucky to have grown up with two aspiring writers She learned a lot about discipline, perseverance and dedication to a craft from witnessing her parents struggle They eventually became successful and award winning young adult novelists.It took Anne a long time to figure out that she, too, wanted to be a writer During early adulthood, she worked as an au pair, a bank teller, a pill bottle labeler, a receptionist, an English tutor, and an administrative assistant, as well as other jobs that she was ill suited for She attended three universities, spent several years in Paris, traveled throughout Europe, and worked in Boston and New York City.Anne s eureka moment about writing came while she prepared a research report for one of her bosses As she lovingly polished each sentence, and meticulously organized the paragraphs, she realized that no one really cared how beautifully she wrote about the latest models of air conditioners Except her, of course.Using her parents model of daily writing and discipline, she began to write It took her seven years to publish her first book, a picture book inspired by her then two year old son, Max.Anne is the mother of an adult son and daughter Over the last twenty years, she has written over forty five books for young readers She has enough ideas to last for another quarter century and hopes that she will be writing for a very long time Fun Facts About Anne MazerHer favorite foods are popcorn, rice pudding and blueberries.When she was a kid, she would sometimes read up to ten books a day.If she had magic powers, she d choose invisibility.She painted the rooms in her house yellow, orange, and violet.One of her favorite childhood books was The Twilight of Magic, by Hugh Lofting.When Anne was a teenager, her room was so messy that she needed a map to get from the door to the bed sort of In school Anne often flunked her favorite creative subjects, like writing and art.

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    I remember being SO excited to read this one It was unusual because the setting was different instead of being Abby s house her school, she was staying at her Grandma s with her cousin Cleo or is it Chloe I remember really liking the banter and rivalry between the cousins, and all the adventures they had It was a very fun book

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    Bought this book today at a sale from Fully Booked Only P50 I should really start stocking up on children s books that I can give to my little nieces and nephews when they re finally old enough to start reading Basically, this book is about friendship Definitely a great read for kids.

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    He he

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    I think everyone should get a long even though if they are different or jealous or whatever.

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    Abby went to her gramas house and at the end they wanted to stAY THER All THe tiME.

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