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Troll Blood (Troll Trilogy) When Peer and Hilde are offered a chance to join a viking ship heading to Vinland, it seems to good to be true Both have dreamed of visiting Vinland and having the stories to tell from it But when the true nature of their I was worried when I started this book Peer and Hilde were still around, but it wasn t taking place on Troll Fell Some of the chapters were from the pov of a character who hadn t even been in the first two books How can this be I shouldn t have worried It was different from the first two books, but still wonderful And again, tidbits that were dropped in the first book really paid off Katherine Langrish has become one of my favorite authors after reading Troll Blood She has wittingly written an excellent tell of adventure, Viking history, and magic in her final book Troll Blood The characters Peer and Hilde are so wel This is the 3rd book in a series I have enjoyed all three very much, and this is the best one yet The combination of Viking history and folk tales, along with the characters growing up, is well done And this installment has the ad The last possibly of the Troll Trilogy though I can see A respectable and well done final book, and I d forgive the author if she did I like her strong females and her hero, Peer, is a lovely young man. Certain aspects of this book are wonderful The descriptive language, story and plot development are great I didn t give it a five because for me, there was just a little too much of the supernatural mythical element that distracted me Otherwise, I I cant believe that a simple ,childish looking book in a used book store lead me to this trilogy, talk about a diamond in the rough , the writing, the plot, the characters, every thing is measured to perfection, it is the kind of tales I adore, a kind hearted protagonist you root for, an adventure, myth and folklore It has it all for me, I simply adored Peer.and I think it is getting better with every single book, if there is ever a fourth I will Peer And Hilde Are Thirsty For Adventure When A Viking Longship Arrives In Their Village, They Set Sail, Eager To Explore The World The Water Snake Is Heading For Vinland, A Place Far Across The Sea Inhabited By A Civilization Of People And New Mysterious Creatures, Some Good And Some Perilous.But Dangers Untold Lie Closer Than Peer And Hilde Could Have Imagined The Ship S Captain And His Sword Wielding Son Are Not What They Seem, And Peer Is Forced To Flee Alone Into The Wild Unknown When Dark Forces And Kindly Creatures Both Vie For His Life, Peer Must Rely On The Help Of Strangers And Befriends The Natives Of Vinland At The End Of It All, Where Will His Loyalty Lie In This Final Novel In The Troll Trilogy, Katherine Langrish Crafts A Rich Story Where Viking Legend Is Intertwined With Native American Life And Lore Based On The Mi Kmaq People As Mysteries Abound, Peer And Hilde Struggle To Survive In A New Realm Of Wonder And Menace. This was a fun read that was filled with nonstop adventure as Peer and Hilde go sailing on a Viking ship to Vinland This is probably my second favorite of the trilogy and it has a satisfying ending. She shouldn t have wrote this book It has nothing to do with the others It would ve been awesome as a duology

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