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おこさまボックス A tearjerker and angsty one TT Seems like the scanlator discontinued the translation or maybe not, I don t know , but as usual I couldn t wait, so I read the Chinese edition for chap 4 and 5 But the epilogue was not translated yet into Chinese, too bad. Prequel Oko sama Star 4.5 stars if he didn t sleep with that dudew8 for chapters chap 6, never mind he slept with that dudeis not cheating but didnt like itcouldnt he w8 like the seme did damn rating dropped from 4.5 to 3.5 going near 4 The translations had me a bit confused at times, but a heartbreaking story nonetheless Really thought this was cute, but the story was a bit confusing at the beginningThe art style is nice and the sex scenes are pretty good I was a bit frustrated with Kakeru when he showed up as an adult Whenever he tried to say something he d just start crying and I swear I even yelled when they met at the cafe I Kawasaki And Fujita Have Been Best Friends Since Early Childhood Kawasaki Has Secretly Been Carrying A Torch For His Cheerful Buddy, But Fujita Only Has Eyes For The Girls Around Him The Delicate Balance Of Their Relatioship Gets Shaken When Fujita Gets Himself A Girlfriend In High School What Is Kawasaki Supposed To Do With His Feelings Now Related Series Oko Sama Star Spin Off

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