[PDF] ↠ The Promise: Revealing the Purpose of Your Soul Author Therese Tappouni – Moi-sosedi.info

The Promise: Revealing the Purpose of Your Soul There Is Only One Of You, And Everything About Your Appearance, Your Desires And Your Purpose Is Intentional Before We Were Born, We Each Made A Promise As To Whom And What We Would Become On This Earth Encapsulated In Your Soul And Hinted At During Childhood, This Promise Becomes Urgent As You Age Children Express Passionate Emotions In Every Waking Moment, But This Passion Is Gradually Buried Under Layers Of Expectations You Begin To Call That Passion A Dream And Create A Life Separate From Your DreamMany Of Life S Occurrences Shine Light Into The Soul S Purpose Some Are Mystical Some Part Of Everyday Life And Some Are Traumatic Your Soul Is Revealed Through Telling Your Truth And Recognizing When You Are Out Of Step With Your Real Purpose The Difficulties We Face As People On This Planet Have Accelerated The Urgency Of Recognizing Our Promise

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    According to The Promise, we all come to this world with two promises One promise we make and the other is made to us Our promise is to find, understand, and live our life purpose This purpose is fully entrenched in being our genuine self, trusting each step of our journey, and using the talents that we each possess to make the world a better place The other prom

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