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Cosmic Powers A Collection Of Original, Epic Science Fiction Stories By Some Of Today S Best Writers For Fans Who Want A Little Less Science And A Lot Action And Edited By Two Time Hugo Award Winner John Joseph Adams.Inspired By Movies Like The Guardians Of The Galaxy And Star Wars, This Anthology Features Brand New Stories From Some Of Science Fiction S Best Authors Including Dan Abnett, Jack Campbell, Linda Nagata, Seanan McGuire, Alan Dean Foster, Charlie Jane Anders, Kameron Hurley, And Many Others. John Joseph Adams pretty much has the golden touch as an editor I own several of his anthologies, and they ve consistently been among the better SFF collections out there This book definitely follows in that tradition Some of these stories are outrageously over the top in keeping with the bright, eye watering cover art , but that is part of the theme, and the charm, of this book The standout story in this anthology, so far, seems to be Zen and the Art of Starship Maintenance, Tobias S Buckell s far future, sprawling space opera that is at the same time an intense character study Seanan McGuire contributes a story with equal parts humor and hard science hers takes place inside a Dyson sphere , and Aliette de Bodard s tale of war and the price civilians pay is heartbreaking My second favorite story is probably Warped Passages, Kameron Hurley s excellent prequel origin story to h Overall this was just an OK collection for me There were stories that I didn t much care for than those I did The ones I liked best were The Deckhand, the Nova Blade, and the Thrice Sung Texts and The Chameleon s Gloves.A Temporary Embarrassment in Spacetime by Charlie Jane Anders This was OK, but I m not really a fan of humorous or zany satirical SF.Zen and the Art of Starship Maintenance by Tobias S Bucknell This one I quite liked A maintenance robot goes toe to toe with a snobby cybernetic preservationist human, with expected results.The Deckhand, the Nova Blade, and the Thrice Sung Texts by Becky Chambers Nice A chosen one story, but done Chambers style.The Sighted Watchmaker by Vylar Kaftan A cosmic creator learns the ultimate lesson of parenting, and makes the final transition from child to parent itself.Infinite Love Engine by Joseph Allen Hill Weird SF, like a drink flavoured with Kool Aid, neither of which are really my thing to be honest.Unfamiliar Gods by Adam Troy Castro with Judi B Castro The problem with all powerful beings is that they can be very literal, and sometimes they give you exactly what you ask for.Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World by Carolyn M Yoachim Another circular exploration creation type story I admit these are really not my thing.Our Specialty is Xenogeology by Alan Dean Foster Meh I liked the set up but somewhat iro A wonderful anthology of science fiction and fantasy with a view towards the widest scopes It s not all on a cosmic space or time scope, but it s definitely all playing to the theme There s a wide range in tone as well, with some being very hard science fiction, a couple of laugh out loud funny stories and a few that are touching and sweet As with all anthologies, the quality is somewhat uneven and naturally subjective, but there were only a few stories I really didn t care for and some of the highlights are going to stick with me for a while There are summaries of what I thought of each story in my updates for the book, but I ll give my highlights here and then list my ratings for individual stories The Deckhand, the Nova Blade, and the Thrice Sung Texts by Becky ChambersChambers seems to be a polarizing author A lot of people don t seem to like SF stories that are light on SF but heavy on positivity This story fits well into her wheel house and as a fan of this author s novels this is of what I love from her It s structured as the journal of a self effacing ordinary person who gets to be the chosen one in a plot that could have been lifted from an anime When the deckhand realizes that her journal is being read by a censor she starts using it to engage in a one sided conversation confessional Tomorrow When We See the Sun by A Merc RustadAs I said in my update for this, it takes a lot to get me engaged in a post singularity story as the concerns of such beings seem ali Like all collections anthologies this one has some winners and some losers but the good far outweighs the bad in this collection of stories from some very talented writers

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