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The Midwich Cuckoos In The Sleepy English Village Of Midwich, A Mysterious Silver Object Appears And All The Inhabitants Fall Unconscious A Day Later The Object Is Gone And Everyone Awakens Unharmed Except That All The Women In The Village Are Discovered To Be Pregnant.

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    I can t remember when I first read The Midwich Cuckoos, but it was certainly within 30 years of the end of World War II Now, almost 40 years later, the postwartime feel is even present in this short novel, despite the book itself being published in 1957 The way the army moves in immediately, the jeeps on the road, meetings between people who clearly think of themselves as the e

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    What a strange story An easy read, at first glance, with dated language and characters But there is to it than meets the eye.I absolutely loved the opening sentence One of the luckiest accidents in my wife s life is that she happened to marry a man who was born on the 26th of September It is such a great homage to chance, which played a major role in the main characters lives in

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    Sci fi, horror, dystopian A bit of all of them.This is a straightforward and somewhat leisurely story that touches on very deep and difficult themes, mostly indirectly, but explicitly in the last quarter.Typical English IdyllMidwich is a sleepy English village in the late 1950s One day, everyone in the village blacks out They awake, apparently unharmed, only to discover that all t

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    One day vanishes off the calendars of a peaceful village of Midwich When everyone goes to sleep for an entire day and wakes up to find all the women of the village to be pregnant The children when born are all identical physically with golden eyes and sharing only two consciousness one shared by all the females and the other by all the males Apart from that, they are not normal chi

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    The dawn of the 27th was an affair of slatternly rags soaking in a dishwater sky, with a gray light weakly filtering through Nevertheless, in Oppley and in Stouch cocks crowed and other birds welcomed it melodiously In Midwich, however, no birds sang.In Oppley and Stouch, too, as in other places, hands were soon reaching out to silence alarm clocks, but in Midwich the clocks rat

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    2.5 started solid ended rather tediously stars This is my 2018 Halloween read and I chose it off an internet list of this century s best horror novels This is also the book that the films Village of the Damned is based on One was 1960 and the other was 1995 I have yet to see either.Here is a trailer of the 1995 filmhttps www.youtube.com watch v 0WzcWWorth seeing just to see the littl

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    John Wyndham s books are often described, labeled or tagged as cozy catastrophe, I am not sure what that means as the two books I have read so far of his are rather unsettling My guess is the Englishness of his prose style and the politeness of his characters As something of an anglophile I very much appreciate this style of writing, it is very comforting and old school, especi

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    As I read this book, it began to strike me how Wyndham s world view contrasted with that of Tolkien s Whereas Tolkien harked back to a pre industrial time of innocence wishing we might get back closer to nature, Wyndham reminds us that we only invented civilisation as a way of distancing ourselves from the harshness and brutality of nature There is nothing cosy and secure about mother

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    This short book on a surreptitious alien invasion continues to resonate in my imagination weeks after reading it The pleasure of the read for me was in the quiet unfolding of events pieced together by a neutral, largely uninvolved narrator As with Hitchcock movies, the truly disturbing events are either off camera or seen in a reflection of someone s experience I think its anti cinemati

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    Now I have read this book I did try and add the link but it wouldn t work, hey ho a number of times and it is one of my faves This however was not someone reading or narrating the book, now I did know that, but it was another listen whilst garden audiobook So the book is a 5 star read, no doubt about that This was a BBC dramatisation of an abridged versi...

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