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Lets Pretend We Never Met Delightful middle grade I loved the characters, the setting and the real emotions. This book presents a common situation that happens in middle school for some reason, one friend doesn t want to be friends any In this case, the reason is that Mattie, the new girl, has unknowingly made friends with the weird girl in the class, and maintaining this friendship can ruin Mattie s shot at being popular This story is a gentle version of how this scenario could unfold It was very sweet, minimal drama, no social media.It was a quick, enjoyable read. If It Were Up To Mattie Markham, There Would Be A Law That Said Your Family Wasn T Allowed To Move In The Middle Of The School Year After All, Sixth Grade Is Hard Enough Without Wondering If You Ll Be Able To Make New Friends Or Worrying That The Kids In Pennsylvania Won T Like Your North Carolina Accent.But When Mattie Meets Her Next Door Neighbor And Classmate, She Begins To Think Maybe She Was Silly To Fear Being The New Girl Agnes Is Like No One Mattie Has Ever Met She S Curious, Hilarious, Smart, And Makes Up The Best Games If Winter Break Is Anything To Go By, The Rest Of The School Year Should Be A Breeze.Only It Isn T, Because When Vacation Ends And School Starts, Mattie Realizes Something At School Agnes Is Known As The Weird Girl Who No One Likes All Mattie Wants Is To Fit In Okay, And Maybe Be A Little Popular Too , But Is That Worth Ending Her Friendship With Agnes A heart warming and completely charming story about moving on, growing up, and being yourself parallelism A gentle look at the challenges of both fitting in to a new situation and having a friend with special needs.This book inspires so many young people to not change who they are for others and to understand that some people are different but that doesn t mean that they can t be your friend.The book drags you in personification with its wonderful story and beautifully designed characters The book is really like real life so it is not that hard to understand the story.I feel really moved by the motive behind this book and feel that it is a message that should be shared amongst others The book is a very fun and quirky book great for middle schoolers.I recommend this book to kids between the ages of 8 15 because they will enjoy the book This book is short and I finished it in a couple of hours I think you should definitely check this book out. I really loved this MG Original premise with super realistic friendship struggles. There should be middle grade books that tackle having friends with disabilities I m all for it, the world is all for it, and I m so glad this is becoming commonplace To begin, Mattie has just moved from her small town in North Carolina to a new apartment in the city of Philadelphia The adjustment is huge, and within days Mattie can feel her best friends back home pulling away from her It s to be expected, as she s no longer a block away and also doesn t have a cellphone, but it hurts Mattie starts off her new life reluctant to let go of the past she even keeps a piece of string a boy she liked gave her, as a special treasure , but things begin to improve after she meets next door neighbor Agnes Agnes is unlike anyone Mattie has ever met She s fast, filled with color, and imaginative Her memory is oustanding, she s NEVER boring, and she makes Mattie happy But Agnes also makes weird noises sometimes She can t stand to be touched And when it becomes apparent that Agnes is the weird kid at Mattie s new school, Mattie wonders if maybe she s better off having pretended she never met Agnes in the first place.I feel like every kid will be able to find something relatable in this story It s a friendship story, first and foremost What happens when you meet someone, and you like them, but all your other friends think this person is weird Do you go with the crowd Do you try and be a good person no matter the risk What even constitutes a good person Mattie is dealing with a move, her parents fighting job struggles, her grandmother s illness, and her own issues with who she is as a person She wants to be friends with Agnes, but she can t figure out how to do that without exposing herself as weird too.My one flaw with this book is Agnes is discussed as having social anxiety That s the extent of her diagnosis Agnes makes loud noises to herself in public, can t stand to be touched, has an incredible brain that makes her much smarter than her classmates, and is often skipping school I just think the opportunity was missed to diagnose Agnes with autism It would ve been a great opportunity to show how fantastic Mattie and Agnes friendship was, and how it was improved and special because of their differences Saying Agnes just had social anxiety because of her parent s split, felt kind of like a cop out. This was a very sweet book On the surface a very similar book to most school stories, but the fact that one of the characters is on the spectrum adds a hint of depth to an otherwise fairly run of the mill story about fitting in at a new school. This was a very good middle grade story about friendship I highly recommend it. A good middle grade read A young girl makes friends with the child that s considered the odd duck at school Lessons are learned about the fact that different doesn t have to mean bad or weird Reminded me a bit of the old children s classic The Hundred Dresses. When I stop crying I ll be blogging about this.

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