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No Matter the Time With Her Newest Book, Fortesa Latifi Acts As A Sort Of Time Travel Guide For Her Readers, Inviting Them To Bear Witness To The Beauty, Tragedy, And Legacy Of Some Of The Greatest Love Stories History Has To Offer Throughout No Matter The Time, Her Poems Offer An Intimate Glimpse Of How Love Grows And Sustains And, Sometimes, Burns Out It Is A Book That Will Surely Offer Hope For The Lovers And Comfort For The Heartbroken, Which Is To Say It Does Its Job Wonderfully Claire Biggs, Editor Writer At To Write Love On Her Arms Latifi Has Crafted A Beautifully Tender, Eye Opening Collection That Feels Like The Most Intimate History Lesson You Ve Ever Received Her Understanding Of Human Relationships And The Vulnerabilities Within Them Is So Sharp, You Ll Wish She Had Written The Story Of Your Last Great Love Brilliant In Concept, No Matter The Time Is The Kind Of Book You Can Read Multiple Times And Find Something New And Meaningful In It Each Time Ari Eastman, Author Of Bloodline Writer At Thought Catalog Fortesa Latifi Writes Of Drunken, Star Crossed Lovers Who Damage Themselves, Each Other, And Everyone Around Them She Writes Of Desire And Loss, Crime Scenes And Broken Doors Disguised As Love, Affairs So Grandiose And Breathtaking That At First Read We Mistake Them For, In Her Own Words, Romance Instead Of SurvivalDying For Love Is Still Death There Is No Beauty To Be Found Here,Latifi Claims In From Anne Boleyn To Henry VIII Throughout This Collection Of Letters, The Reader Dies A Thousand Different Ways For A Thousand Different Loves, But, Contradictory To Boleyn S Words, There Is Beauty To Be Found Here And It S Everywhere In Every Page Meggie Royer, Writer Founder Editor In Chief At Persephone S Daughters

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