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Yes, It S True Daniel X Is Special X Traordinarily Special.He May Be Just A Kid, But Daniel Is Strong Enough To Fight Anything In The World And It S A Good Thing, Because Not Many Guys You Meet Have A Host Of Deadly Criminals Hunting Them To The Ends Of The Earth And None Of Them Are Extraterrestrials Daniel Is The Only One Who Might Be Able To Eliminate Every Last Intergalactic Evil On The List Of Alien Outlaws On Terra Firma Because The Greatest Superpower Isn T To Be Part Spider And Part Man, Or To Cast Magic Spells The Ultimate Gift Is The Power To Create. The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

About the Author: James Patterson

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Dangerous Days of Daniel X book, this is one of the most wanted James Patterson author readers around the world.

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    This is so the worst book known to man I would say it is MIB meet Naked Gun 2 1 2 I really can not believe this book Of course I choose it to read with my sister after getting into the Maximum Ride series He is after all a reputable writer Everyone has a few bad novels right I even looked past the upset with the Final Warning in the Max Ride series Anyway words can not describe how awful t

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    This book was, wellstrange, to say the least It wasn t what I was expecting at all This is my first James Patterson family book, but really, no one over twelve would find this very interesting It s like the authors are writing for eight year olds, at most Some of my main concerns with this novel are 1 The Short Chapters In his adult thrillers, the two or three page chapters are used very nice

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    James Patterson has teamed up with Michael Ledwidge to write another young adult novel James Patterson has already been successful in the young adult world with his wildly popular Maximum Ride series James and Michael have worked together on two recent adult bestsellers THE QUICKIE and STEP ON A CRACK.THE DANGEROUS DAYS OF DANIEL X is an extremely fast read Patterson s traditional short chapters

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    An amazingly quick read It feltlike a saturday morning cartoon than a novel It was light and teen friendly without worrying about anything inappropriate It deals with Daniel, an alien hunter and his exploits in hunting a particular alien It has short, choppy chapters and I read the whole thing 200 pages waiting for a plane in about 2 hours It has a Men in Black kind of feel to it almost comic like,

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    Daniel X is one badass dude He has almost every power you d want Telepathy, The instantaneous temporary creation and manipulation of animate and inanimate objects, Super Human Durability, Strength, and SpeedUnfortunately for Daniel, all that s moot because Daniel s book Yeah, pretty shitty The powers Danny s without ANY SORT of character depth building Well constructed,...

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    Here is my nice review for our library s blog Daniel was born with the power to create His abilities include being able to manipulate objects and animals with his mind and to re create himself in any shape he chooses His mission he is an Alien Hunter From the day that his parents were murdered before him, he has used his unique gifts to hunt down villainous aliens on earth until he can close in on their

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    This book started off really strong, particularly as the audio version is very animated with sound effects etc But the plot twist and ending kind of went down hill It did not feel like a young adult book,of a middle grade I do admit it was fun, and I will continue with book 2 to see if it improves I liked the whole super powers that Daniel had and the way he was able to create things I was also shocked when

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    I understand what James Patterson is trying to do here duplicate the success he s had to Maximum Ride by creating another fantastical, out there series that can be marketed to a YA audience It s even part of his Pageturner category, where special care has been taken with the language and content so that it is appropriate for all ages.I would like to say, that despite this care, it featured a seriously nasty fi

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here At first this book was kinda dull, kinda interesting for me I have to admit that i started out with no expectations at all because my book buddy Maggie said that it was disappointing, and usually our book reviews are alike This book was a bit disappointing, but not completely It was confusing at first, but slowly got clearer I didn t

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    Daniel X is pretty much like Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Men in Black but it is not half as good as either of those two media efforts.The main character s super powers are very unbelievable, and they leave the reader wondering, if this guy is so powerful he should be able to defeat the bad guys with both hands tied behind his back, but I guess it would only be a short story if that was the case.It would seem that

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