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Genevieves War Thirteen Year Old American Girl Genevieve Has Spent The Summer Of 1939 At Her Grandmother S Farm In Alsace, France Then She Makes An Impulsive Choice To Stay In France It Proves To Be A Dangerous Decision World War II Erupts The Nazis Conquer Alsace And Deport The Jews And Others A Frightening German Officer Commandeers A Room In Meme S Farmhouse And When Gen S Friend Remi Commits An Act Of Sabotage, Gen Is Forced To Hide Him In The Attic Right Above The Nazi Officer S Head Genevieve S War Is A Gripping Story That Brings The War In Occupied France Vividly To Life It Is A Companion Work To Lily S Crossing, A Newbery Honor Book.

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    I desperately need publishers to stop using the term companion book willy nilly This is not a companion book to my childhood favorite, Lily s Crossing It is a book by the same author that happens to take place during the time period, with no connections between characters and taking place on entirely different continents.That said, it s really good The idea is great, and I really knew nothing about the Alsace regio

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    French American Genevieve Michel, 13, and her older brother Andr have been spending the summer of 1939 visiting their rather cold, judgmental grandmother, M m , helping out on her farm in Alsace, close to the Germany border.Now, at the end of summer, Andr has already returned to the States and Genevieve is set to leave on Normandie, on what may well have been the last passenger ship leaving France b...

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    ARC received from publisher at ALA Genevieve is staying with her grandmother in Alsace in the days right before WWII, and when she is to be sent back home, she decides that her cold and forbidding grandmother really needs her help Once she returns home without her luggage , things become very dire Students and teachers disappear from school, and the students are forced to speak German The Germans invade, and one is even billeted in th

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    A World War II story set in Alsace..Genevieve has been visiting her seemingly distant grandmother and gets caught up in the arrival of the Germans,,she chooses to stay behind knowing that her grandmother, who doesn t show her any affection, needs her..Genevieve is impetuous but kind hearted and she grows in person strength and courage as th demands of the war affect them all At times her youth and thoughtlessness causes difficulties but she gro

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    Amazing Patricia Reilly Giff has always been one of my favorite children s authors and her gift for writing is well known She did a wonderful job with the plot and character development of all the characters This ...

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    World War II stories are in high demand in our elementary library Focusing on Genevieve a young girl who risks her life to save French citizens in Alsace during the Nazi occupation of their town, is suspense filled with lots of nail biting details about the resistance, and ruthlessness of German troops during their occupation of this gentle country town Genevieve s War is about brave Genevieve a thirteen year old American girl who in 1939 makes the decision to sta

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    So much better written than The Watcher, which I read last week Again, the main character is a young teenage American girl in Europe during WWII, this time living in Alsace, France with her grandmother Both Genevieve and her grandmother are interesting characters with some good, realistic development I appreciate fi...

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    An absolutely beautiful story Well written.

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    Excellent book

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    Genevieve, a 13 year old girl, who has returned to France to be with Meme during the war When she is supposed to leave France, she decides to stay to help Meme on her farm Infiltrated by Germans, Genevieve holds secrets that she must keep in order to keep her and her meme safe.

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