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The Bedsitting Room I first read this in 1996, the BBC broadcast the film version and I wanted to read through at my own pace afterwards Seventeen years later and I thought a read through might be enjoyable.It is still a good play, and funny May be my further reading since 1996 exposes one of the flaws, though passages of it are better Give it a read. Not sure if I was in a wrong place but I never really got into this book There were some funny moments but the way it is laid out made it harder to digest. Bloody brilliant play Could almost be a Goon Show episode. Three Years Since The Nuclear Misunderstanding Which Led To The Third World War And It S No Idle Boast When I Remind You That This Was The Shortest World War On Record Two Minutes Twenty Eight Seconds Including The Signing Of The Peace Treaty Which Is Now On Sale At Her Majesty S Stationery Office With A Free T Shirt Survivors Gather Together On The Former Streets Of LondonIn Amongst The Rubble, Captain Kak And His Fiancee Penelope Find Lord Fortnum, Who Is Convinced He S Turning Into A Bed Sitting Room With Property Prices What They Are, Kak Should Be On To A Good Thing

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About the Author: Spike Milligan

Terence Alan Patrick Se n Milligan, known as Spike, was a comedian, writer and musician He was of Irish descent, but spent most of his childhood in India and lived most of his later life in England, moving to Australia after retirement He is famous for his work in The Goon Show, children s poetry and a series of comical autobiographical novels about his experiences serving in the British Army in WWII Spike Milligan suffered from bipolar disorder, which led to depression and frequent breakdowns, but he will be remembered as a comic genius His tombstone reads I told you I was ill in Gaelic.