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ഇന്ദുലേഖ PDF Epub Author O Chandu Menon Jwdfitness.co.uk Indulekha By O.Chandu Menon Pages 586 , Indulekha Is A Malayalam Novel Written By O Chandu Menon Published In 1889, It Was The First Major Novel In Malayalam Language It Was A Landmark In The History Of Malayalam Literature And Initiated Novel As A New Flourishing Genre 1 The Novel Is About A Beautiful, Well Educated Lady Of A Nair Tharavadu.

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    Nice novel The character of INDHULEKHA clearly describes what meant by the word female.

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    It is really amazing how I could relate so easily to the characters in the book who belonged to the generation of my great great grand parents at least And a story woven in such a simple and detailed manner

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    In keeping with my resolution to readtranslations Supposedly this was the first novel in Malayalam The period description of a late 19th century Kerala tharavaad is fascinating The English translation isn t terribly inspiring, and the story is a pretty

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    a little boring almost like reading an old drama script

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    3 for the plot itself which isn t anything great I gave it a 4 for two reasons primarily First, it was very interesting to knowabout the Nair and Namboodri practices in the 19th century While I was aware about the matrilineal system, I understood a good dealthrough this book and the

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    A book that is still relevant today ,19 21, ,A book that is still relevant today ,19 21, ,

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    Love the book and reflects the times Nair women lived in absolute freedom, where they got to choose their life partner and the things they generally wanted to do with their lives Speaking her mind was no alien concept to Indulekha,...

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    Conquered the first Malayalam novel.Apart from the love story of Indulekha and Madhavan around which the story revolves, what attracted me the most was the 18th chapter to be precise.The discussion about atheism, about educating girl child which surprisingly is still a very h...

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