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Star Wars Try Us All, These Times Do In This War, Unsheathed Must All Of The Jedi S Blades Be Survive Constant Use, Even The Best Blades CannotMaster YodaThe Darkest Days Of The Clone Wars Have Arrived, When Even Victories Are Cause For Abiding Sorrow When The Hopes For A Brighter Future Are Lost In The Turmoil Of A Divided Galaxy And When Friendships Are Tools Of Convenience And The Reason For Betrayals From Political Intrigue Within The Senate To Bloody Battlefields On Exotic Worlds, The War Has Left Its Mark On The Bystanders As Well As The Combatants, And The Events In This Wide Ranging Volume Reveal The Extent Of The Damage.Obi Wan Kenobi And Anakin Skywalker Battle For Survival Senator Bail Organa Struggles To Preserve Freedom Within The Republic And Master Yoda Strives To Prevent An Old Friend From Plunging A System Into War In Four Exciting Stories From The Clone Wars

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    Star Wars Legends Project 124 Background The Best Blades, released in November of 2004, collects issues 60 62 and 64 of Republic and the fifth and final issue of the Jedi series of one shots Republic Dead Ends

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    Hate and Fear 1 starProvides an asinine backstory for Asajj and little else.No Man s Land 2 star Once again the moving gears are too bare here a lot of things are accomplished here Obi wan is rescued, the bounty on Jedi

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    Many different stories with different qualities Politics, retrospective history, escape, and liberation I ll go through each story seperately.Dead Ends Okay, a senate story, about Bail Organa and Mon Mothma buddying up with the ex

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    21BBYThis volume contains Republic issues 60, 61, 62, 64, and Jedi Yoda Each issue in the collection has various artists and writers In Republic 60 Hate and Fear, Obi wan and Alpha aim for a daring escape from Ventress We also learn a littl

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    This books is both good and bad hence the hung judgement The good, the story as predicted is show signs of tipping and not for the good There are cracks showing not only in the war effort but also in the Jedi order and you can start to see how a once

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    Ce tome de la s rie Clone Wars se compose de plusieurs parties La premi re est avec Bail Organa qui re oit la visite de l ancien Chancelier Finis Valorum qui vient le mettre en garde contre les magouilles politiques de Palpatine Dans la seconde histoire, Palpa

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    Nice Love how this leaves off from what happened after Jabiim in that we discover Obi Wan in Asajj Ventriss prison Learning what happened to Ventriss one does pity her But in the end I am glad for Obi Wan s escape Cool reading on Bail Organa as the defender of democracy

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    The best book in this series so far Obi Wan is captured by Ventress and needs to escape Anakin is given a new master because everybody else believes that Obi Wan is dead Finally, Yoda is sent on a diplomatic mission Each story is both powerful and character driven It focuses on..

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    I see things in each of the graphic novels that seem to make sense either because I read a latter story that the story in this is tieing in or something that has been vaguely mentioned is now being told I like how Y...

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    3,5 The first three stories are good, especially the third one, with Obi Wan Kenobi and Alpha there is some typical Obi Wan humor and Alpha sarcasm I ve grown to like The weakest link is the last comic which did not pull me in at all.

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