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Among the Reeds Very poignant story of a family and how they got through WWII. A Must ReadIncredible story and extremely well written.This book puts you in the heart of the Holocaust, reminding you of the brutality and the bravery.I m consumed with learningabout this time period and this book took me there in a way I haven t felt before.Thanks to Tammy Bottner for Download Among The Reeds Author Tammy Bottner Ivogue.co.uk During The Dark Days Of The Holocaust, A Jewish Family Struggles To SurviveWhen Her Son Was Born, Tammy Bottner Experienced Flashbacks Of Being Hunted By The Nazis The Strange Thing Is, These Experiences Didn T Happen To Her They Happened To Her Grandmother Decades Earlier And Thousands Of Miles Away.Back In Belgium, Grandma Melly Made Unthinkable Choices In Order To Save Her Family During WWII, Including Sending Her Two Year Old Son, Bottner S Father, Into Hiding In A Lonely Belgian Convent Did The Trauma That Tammy Bottner S Predecessors Experience Affect Their DNA Did She Inherit The Memories Of The War Time Trauma In Her Very Genes In This Moving Family Memoir, Told Partly From Melly S Perspective, The Author, A Physician, Recounts The Saga Of Her Family S Experiences During The Holocaust This Tale, Part History, Part Scientific Reflection On Epigenetics, Takes The Reader On A Journey That May Read Like A Novel, But Is All The Fascinating For Being True. EnlighteningI enjoy reading about WWII This is the first survivor s story I have read which tells about hidden children This book is well written A true story that will keep the reader engrossed. Unless you have a heart of stone, you could not help but be moved by the subject of this book Tales of bravery against harrowing atrocities, you almost cannot believe it, and then you remember that this actually happened I would encourage you to read this book if you aim to learnabout this dark period of our history and are looking for a different perspective than t An book that will truly touch your heartThe reader might think yet another book about the Holocaust , however this book is most certainly worth reading The idea of epigenetics is fascinating the author explains this phenomenon in easy to understand language.Fo KnowingIt s incredible what these families had to go through No one knew There are no points disliked This is a well written book. Tender, poignant, and horrifying rendition of the author s father and family experience through the evil events of the German occupation of Brussels The intriguing concept of epigenetics is fascinating Could not put this down Thank you Dr Bottner What an intimate history lesson This is an exquisitely written book which describes the unthinkable challenges faced by the author s family during the time of the Holocaust The story is primarily set in Belgium but follows the characters to many other setting as well One feels present as the characters struggle to survive the attempted genocide of all Jews during World War II The loss of life and lack of humanity, as well as the damage to the Jewish culture, and near succes A book everyone should read.I m so glad to have read this book I will never forget the Bottner family, and the way the author went into such detail I felt at times that I was right there with all of them, going through what they went through How each cha

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