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PDF Epub Issued To The Bride One Marine Brides Of Chance Creek Book 4 Author Cora Seton Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Marine Logan Hughes Uses Humor Like A Shield Because The Twists And Turns His Life Has Taken Have Led Him Far From The Path He Was Supposed To Tread He S No Priest, And Despite His Parents Continued Hope, He Has No Desire To Become One Still, He S No Devil, Either So When His Attempt To Protect An Innocent Person Lands Him With Two Choices The Brig Or Marriage To A Woman He Doesn T Know He Chooses Marriage Which Means Denying His Family S Plans For Him Once And For All Lena Reed Doesn T Find It Funny At All That Three Times Her Father Has Sent A Man To Help With Her Ranch, And Three Times One Of Her Sisters Has Married Him She S Not Falling For That Trick She Was Born To Run The Cattle Operation At Two Willows, And No Man Is Going To Take That Away From Her So When Logan Arrives, She Ll Do Whatever She Can To Keep Him At Arm S Length Only Problem Is The Marine Refuses To Stay There Bit By Bit, He S Wearing Down Her Resistance To Him But Will Giving Into Her Feelings Mean Giving Up Her Dreams Issued to the Bride One Marine (Brides of Chance Creek Book 4)

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    I ve yet to pick up a Cora Seton book that I didn t immediately get drawn into the story and the characters In fact, only the battery dying on my kindle got me to stop reading Admittedly sometimes the subplots are a bit out of the ordinary but they are always a great feel good romance This fourth entry in the Brides of Chance Creek was lighter on the da

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    GoodI love the characters in this one Lena is tough and lets nothing get in her way Logan gets in her way all the time I m looking forward to the last sister s story.

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    For the most part, I liked the book It was a nice addition to the series It s probably my least favorite of the series however I loved Logan and how he set about trying to win Lena s trust and heart But I really had a hard time warming up to Lena She drove me crazy For a woman who is supposed to be strong and independent, she was really dumb when it came to l

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    In the fourth book in the Brides of Chance Creek the General sends Marine Logan Hughes to his daughter Lena in Issued to the Bride One Marine Logan is in trouble for a misunderstanding of a altercation between an superior officer and his wife His intentions were good, but now his career is ending and he has a way to clear his name and exit the Marines.Len

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    I love this series This is 4 in the series and is about Lena.Possible Spoilers..Logan Hughes is sent to Two Willows in Montana by General Reed to subdue and manage his daughter Lena and Logan can t wait Lena is a force to be reckoned with especially if it has to do with her family or HER farm Lena wants to be treated like a person with a brain NOT like an airhead w

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    Lena met her match OMG Lena and Logan rock the pages of this book from page one to the end Never an easy day at Two Willows when you are constantly fighting yourself on every thought and decision Lena is one tough cowgirl and I honestly did not believe Logan with his happy go lucky attitude would win her over I thought he was fluff with muscles until I really met the

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    This book was a bit disappointing, I had been looking forward to this story, Logan seemed like fun My biggest issue was how violent Lena was view spoiler She attacked Logan with a wooden spoon, a crowbar and later a pitchfork, I m glad she only managed to hurt herself and not anyone else.Lena had experienced violence from a boyfriend in the past, so she should have known

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    Issued to the Bride One Marine Brides of Chance Creek Book 4 is by Cora Seton This is the fourth volume of the Brides of Chance Creek series which is set in the fictional city of Chance Creek, Montana Two Willows is the ranch where the five daughters of General Reed live Before her death, his wife had pledged not to leave the ranch until the General came home, therefore he

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    Winning Her Heart Logan Hughes, a Marine who would used humor to protect himself but he never played around when he had a job to do He was sent to General Reed s special task force USSOCOM for battery and assault of a ranking officer Now he had an important job to do which was to protect Lena Reed, General Reed s daughter and the woman he was sent to the Two Willows Ranch in C

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    Cora Seton is one of the best authors around and she has absolutely hit this one out of the park.I think it is my favorite of the four books, Brides of Chance Creek.Logan is determined to protect Lena from the second he set eyes on her physical person.Logan does not believe he is meant to be a priest like both his older brothers but is confused by the recurring dream he is having

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