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Färjan Having made sure that this was NOT a zombie novel thank you to the kind reader on Goodreads, who reassured me on that point , I embarked on this horror novel with interest It is only 548 pages long, but not massively so However, the paperback version of this was a real doorstopper and it took me a while to read, as I could not face lugging it about with me on my daily commute That said, I was always keen to pick it up and found it a really interesting read.The premise is that a group of people are taking a short cruise from Sweden to Finland This is a very much a booze cruise, although there are families aboard However, the ferry, The Baltic Charisma, is run down, the security staff on board have to deal with public drunkenness and, for many of the assorted passengers, this is just a chance to let your hair down and party The idea is a good one a closed environment, with no escape from the ship and danger on board.What makes this work, though, are the characters You see events through various people s eyes from those who work on the ship, some fearing that they may soon lose their jobs, others tired of the relentless trips, and those of the passengers again, some who are thrilled to be on board and ready to take every o 3.5 starsI ve been going back and forth on whether or not to rate this 3 stars or 4 stars because the first half of this book is pure character development and its pretty slow It seemed to drag on and on, so much so, that I put it aside for a while unsure if I would even continue it Then one day I decided what the hell let s give it another go I m glad I did because the second half of this 500 page monstrosity was non stop action and gore They were supposedly on a 24 hour cruise but damn for all the shit that happened, I felt like we sailed around the world and back again I imagine if I was on that s Sehr solider Horror mit kleinen Schw chen Mats Strandberg ist definitiv ein Autor, der mich diesen Monat begeistert hat und den ich im Auge behalten muss Blood Cruise or F rjan in Swedish is a horror novel written by Mats Strandberg who is touted as being Sweden s Stephen King I m surprised this is my first time hearing of him but that may be down to the fact that I only got into the horror genre recently Before that, I had wrongly assumed that my dislike for horror movies also tranferred over to books That is not the case, I now thoroughly enjoy a little horror sprinkled between my favourite genres.A booze cruise departs from Finland and is on its way to Sweden when an unfortunate series of events take place It is the middle of the night and the ship is cut off from outside contact Noone knows who they can or can t trust Welcome aboard the Baltic Charisma Kudos to whoever wrote the synopsis, it lures you in without revealing the detail of the story Very well done I enjoyed the original setting a lot although I have been on a few cruises and I know that I will go on many in the future I do know that the next time I board I will be reminded of this story It wouldn t stop me going as once you ve been on a cruise you won t ever return to staying in one resort for a fortnight.This is one terrifying and realistic horror that gave me a few nightmares You know it s good when you find elements of the story in your dreams His portrayal of everyday events is nuanced and believable I didn t realise this was initially released in 2015 but that is neither here nor there I suppose All in all, an interesting read and one I will Ein Lesehighlight UNBEDINGT lesen I keep getting impressed by Swedish horror This is a quite long and very well written story about a ferry of drunk Swedes a horror story in itself that also happens to contain something else I love the concept, and the execution is great A BIG is how the ending doesn t disappoint, This is how Stephen King used to write when his books were still scary The author is certainly not afraid of killing off major characters His observations of drunken passengers on the Baltic booze cruise are very accu ,. Ce Soir, Mille Deux Cents Passagers Se R Jouissent De Faire La Travers E Maritime Entre La Su De Et La Finlande, Bord Du Ferry Luxueux Qui Les Emporte Sur La Mer Baltique L Espace De Vingt Quatre Heures, Ils Abandonnent Derri Re Eux Leur Vie Quotidienne Et Se Laissent Aller Tre Quelqu Un D Autre.Mais Le Mal R De Bord Et Au C Ur De La Nuit, Au Milieu De La Baltique, Il N Y A Pas D Chappatoire Possible Surtout Quand Tout Contact Avec La Terre Ferme Est Myst Rieusement Coup Si Face L Adversit Certains Se Comportent En H Ros, Cette Nuit Fatidique Fait Parfois Surgir Le Pire Chez D Autres Et Mesure Que Les Disparitions Inexplicables S Encha Nent, Il Devient Vital Que Le Ferry N Arrive Jamais Destination Bienvenue Bord Du Baltic Charisma. Hat mir wirklich gut gefallen, vor allem die realen Charaktere und deren manchmal auch unheldenhafte Entscheidungen.

About the Author: Mats Strandberg

Mats Strandberg is an award winning novelist and journalist He is a regular columnist for Sweden s biggest evening newspaper, has been named Columnist of the Year by Sweden s Newspapers and Magazines organization, and had published three previous novels, with rights sold in numerous countries.

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