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Whipping Star In The Far Future, Humankind Has Made Contact With Numerous Other Species Gowachin, Laclac, Wreaves, Pan Spechi, Taprisiots, And Caleban, And Has Helped To Form The ConSentiency To Govern Among The Species After Suffering Under A Tyrannous Pure Democracy, The Sentients Of The Galaxy Find The Need For A Bureau Of Sabotage BuSab To Slow The Wheels Of Government, Thereby Preventing It From Legislating Recklessly BuSab Is Allowed To Sabotage And Harass The Governmental, Administrative, And Economic Powers In The ConSentiency Private Citizens Must Not Be Harassed, And Vital Functions Of Society Are Also Exempt.Jorj X McKie Is A Born Troublemaker Who Has Become One Of BuSab S Best Agents Drafted For The Impossible Task Of Establishing Meaningful Communication With An Utterly Alien Entity Who Defies Understanding, McKie Finds Himself Racing Against Time To Prevent A Mad Billionairess From Wiping Out All Life In The ConSentiency.

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    Original.Whipping Star by Frank Herbert, first published in 1970, explores among many things the complexities of communication heightened by hyperbole as between xenological species but also as an allegory for human relations I on

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    Mind blowing.Like a lot of Herbert fans, I was introduced to Frank Herbert through Dune and its original quintet of sequels And like a lot of Herbert fans, I kind of stopped there It was only later, years later, that I bothered to read some

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    I ve only read some of his Dune books, so I thought to expand a bit This wasn t really worth the effort I think it s supposed to be a farce about communication If so, the humor part mostly passed me by What was left seemed mental masturbation t...

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    I picked this from the shelves on impulse I wanted to reread it for pleasure, to confirm my memories of the book Also, I continue my leisurely effort to remember and or explore Frank Herbert s non Dune books.And what a fun novel It s a bit hard to describe The

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    The ultimate SF wordsmith, Frank Herbert takes on an ambitious project with the classic book Whipping Star

    In a universe made smaller by instantaneous travel, a mystery unfolds as the creatures who make such travel possible are disappearing In fact, many have

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    2.5 stars Not in the same category as the Dune series but what it Overall, a decent to good story and some very good writing, especially in the conversations between the human and alien characters.

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    The attraction of SF books is that they are like telescopes, looking at some point into the far future They aren t hemmed in by the here and now, instead, in that tiny piece of glass at the very end, you get to see myriad possibilities tinted with a hint of reality, with some futures, of c

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    Here s a basic premise of this novel A seemingly divine being is discovered that allows instantaneous travel from any known point in the universe to any other It is dying If it dies, anyone who has used its abilities, which means nearly every known sentient being in the universe, will die with it be

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    This Frank Herbert fella wrote the book Dune which was a semi sleeper for me as it walked around this barren planet with some aristocracy stuff going on, got to try to read it again maybe I m missing something This other WHIPPING STAR is swell though Frank s little obtuse and abstract words and concepts hobbl

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    Whipping Star is one of Frank Herbert s non Dune books that Tor has been reprinting in recent years This 1970 novel is the first full novel in the ConSentiency universe, which up to this point consisted of only two short stories Both of them are contained in the collection Eye and may very well be included in other sho

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