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The Byzantine Revival, 780-842 This Is The Story Of How The Byzantine Empire, Led By A Succession Of Extraordinary Rulers, Emerged From A Long Decline To Reclaim Its Place As A Leading State Of The Medieval World This Is A Work Of Painstaking And Substantive Scholarship That Should Long Remain The Authoritative Work On The PeriodThe Illustrations Have Been Carefully Selected And Nicely Reproduced The Publisher Should Be Complimented On Producing A Handsome Volume American Historical Review

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    One of the most remarkable aspects of the Roman Empire was its ability to recover again and again and again from what seemed to be spirals of utter destruction of the sort that killed so many other polities Each time, it transformed on the fly, and rose again, different, but still going The Crisis of the Third Century is the most famous of these, of course, the empir

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    Fantastic and informative history of a key period of Byzantine history chronicling how the empire turned things around and renewed itself.

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    Yes, I am a nerd when it comes to Byzantium.

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About the Author: Warren Treadgold

Warren Treadgold AB Harvard, 1970, PhD Harvard, 1977 has taught ancient and medieval history and literature at UCLA, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Hillsdale College, and Florida International University and is now National Endowment for the Humanities Professor of Byzantine Studies at Saint Louis University.