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He Started It Beth, Portia, And Eddie Morgan Haven T All Been Together In Years And For Very Good Reasons We Ll Get To Those Later But When Their Wealthy Grandfather Dies And Leaves A Cryptic Final Message In His Wake, The Siblings And Their Respective Partners Must Come Together For A Cross Country Road Trip To Fulfill His Final Wish And Importantly Secure Their InheritanceBut Time With Your Family Can Be Tough It Is For EveryoneIt S Even Harder When You Re All Keeping Secrets And Trying To Forget A Memory A Missing Person, An Act Of Revenge, The Man In The Black Truck Who Won T Stop Following Your Car And Especially When At Least One Of You Is A Killer And There S A Body In The Trunk Just To Name A Few ReasonsBut Money Is A Powerful Motivator It Is For Everyone Closer to a 4.5, idk I need to think about it Ahhh, this book was a wild ride After reading My Lovely Wife last year and loving it so much I knew I would want to read anything Samantha Downing writes in the future, and after this book she has made her way into my auto buy authors list, this book was incredible This is a road trip story that follows three siblings Beth, Eddie and Portia They have to go on the same road trip they went on when there were kids with their Grandpa in order to secure their inheritance, because their Grandpa recently died and left behind millions They are not very excited about this road trip though because of all the shit that happened on the road trip when they were kids which we read about throughout this book in flashbacks.I wasn t sure if I would like this book because I usually don t like books revolving around road trips, and for that reason I m hesitating to give it 5 stars, I found some parts of this book to drag just a little because of the road trip aspect, and it s definitely a slow burn mystery thriller But, I did finish this book within 24 hours because I m currently sick with the stomach flu and this book kept me wildly entertained the whole time so I appreciate it for that I love following from Beth s POV, she s this untrustworthy narrator and you don t always understand her intentions In fact, nobody in this book is trustworthy and I think that makes for the best kind of thrillers I love that Beth is constantly saying she doesn t make a good heroine and she s actually the perfect anti heroine and I love to read from the mind of characters like her, it s just so entertaining.And that ENDING What the heck, I literally reread those last few pages three times after I finished it just in case I missed something Like how could it end like that akshdjdjajwz I am simultaneously frustrated but also I have so much respect for this author, like damn that was one hell of an ending.Huge thanks to Berkley for sending me an ARC, make sure to check this one out when it publishes in April NUMB SPEECHLESS STUPID TRAINWRECK That s what I felt after reading this brain cell stealer, head spinner, face puncher, mind number, body hair remover story Let me say what I think about those DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS kind of NASSSSTYYY SIBLINGS I hated them I detested them because they re human disposal, waste okay I m taking back, I think they lost humanity for lonnnng time ago I read their traumatic family story but I waited for learning that they re adopted children and their biological parents are Lucifer not Tom Ellis, real one and Lilith But unfortunately I didn t get the revelation I expected.Three siblings asshole brother Eddie yes, if you google the word a.hole you may see his picture on your computer screen , Beth our crazy narrator who is talented pathological liar , Portia kleptomaniac one passive, peaceful husband and one small town girl wife start to one of the weirdest road trip, same route three siblings had taken when they were young and still evil But at that time they re missing elder sister had been also the part of team As you can imagine they didn t voluntarily to accept this trip to see the exact places where Bonnie and Clyde die or seeing a monument of old team players , nobody has any idea who they are, eating greasy food at diners and staying at the truck drivers and serial killer s best choice kind of motels Nope They accepted because their grandfather wrote it at his will They want to take their share from the inheritance But they should finish the road trip as law abiding citizens Yes A jail break is a big no and rule breaker for them This book is entertaining dark comedy, thrilling action mesmerizes you with its snappy writing style of the author talking by middle child of the trio Beth Definitely not any kind of exampled heroine cheater, great liar, schemer but at least her inner thoughts were raw, sarcastic, entertaining I loved to live in her brain and way of crazy thinking Yes, I think I loved this anti heroine so much My choice of actor who should play her Amy Adams, anyone who is not Reese Witherspoon do you realize she started to play at all book adaptations Do you want to hear my other casting choices Eddie should be played by Chris Evans Because he was really great as asshole villain at Knives Out and he s also America s ass Bless Captain America As Portia, my actor choice is Florence Pugh Nope I didn t choose her because she s great Amy March Watch her performance at Midsommar You re gonna understand clearly why I chose her And I visualized grandpa as BRUCE DERN When you read the book you re gonna agree my opinion.OVERALL THIS BOOK IS SOOOOO CRAZY SOOO SURPRISING SOOO TWISTY AND ENDING IS LIKE A BOMB EXPLOSION AT YOUR FACE BOOM Samantha Downing is one of the intelligent thriller writers who never let you get bored and captivating your attention, hooking you from the first paragraph, playing with your mind and making you kill your spider senses because you can never ever see what will come next at the story She is at least fifteen steps ahead of you And be prepared to get punched at the fascinating ending I loved her debut novel My Lovely Wife but in my opinion, this book exceeded my expectations and I loved this one I m doing my happy cartwheels and thanking to Netgalley and Berkley Publishing from sending me this ARC COPY and giving me the best Christmas present in exchange my honest review.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter There is no sopho slump here None At all I read 300 books last year and My Lovely Wife was my favorite I loved this EVERY SINGLE BIT as much I loved being in Beth s head as she was forced to take this road trip from hell with her dysfunctional siblings, nerdy husband and new sister in law She is wily, wry, hilarious, snarky, sad and a teensy bit crazy.The ending blew me away Brava I just cannotReading this book made me feel like I got to hang out in Samantha Downing s head for a few days and it was a super fun place to be We both appreciate double battered onion rings and therefore should be besties, but I digress Grab this the second you can Do not pass Go, do not collect 200.Thank you Goodreads for selecting me as a winner for this giveaway 4 StarsFamily You can t Pick em, but Sometimes, you sure which you could Ah, the nostalgia of family road trips Unfortunately for Eddie, Beth and Portia, they don t exactly have fond memories of the road trip they took with their dear old Grandpa when they were young Nightmares are like it So why, pray tell would they be willing to relive the experience all over again An inheritance of course Dear sweet Grandpa bequeathed them each with lots of dough on one condition, they must take that exact road trip one time Sounds easy enough right Eddie, Beth and Portia, should have figured that it would be dangerous, treacherous even After all, each prides themselves on keeping secrets Whoppers, if you will and let s face it, if you aren t going to keep secrets from your family, who are you to keep secrets from He Started It by Samantha Downing has an oddly addictive quality to it I kept turning page after page even when I knew I needed to put the book down It s compelling and engrossing and all of those dastardly little secrets got me and got me good After having read Ms Downing s debut novel, My Lovely Wife which was one of my favorite reads of 2018 and now this, I can say that Samantha Downing is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and I will read anything and everything she writes For those of you who haven t haven t read anything by her, it s about time you changed that As far as family road trips go, thanks for the lesson, I plan on steering clear This was another fabulous buddy read with Kaceey.Thank you so much to Elisha at Penguin Publishing Group for the arc and to Samantha Downing as well Published on Goodreads on 12.8.19To be published on upon its release.Excerpt to be published on Instagram upon its release.

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