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The Book of Longings I Am Ana I Was The Wife Of JesusSo Begins The New Novel From The Number One New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Secret Life Of Bees And The Invention Of Wings, An Extraordinary Story Set In The First Century About A Woman Who Finds Her Voice And Her Destiny In A Time Of Great Despair And Great HopeIn Her Fourth Work Of Fiction, Sue Monk Kidd Brings Her Acclaimed Narrative Gifts To Imagine The Story Of A Young Woman Named Ana Raised In A Wealthy Family In Sepphoris With Ties To The Ruler Of Galilee, She Is Rebellious And Ambitious, A Relentless Seeker With A Brilliant, Curious Mind And A Daring Spirit She Yearns For A Pursuit Worthy Of Her Life, But Finds No Outlet For Her Considerable Talents Defying The Expectations Placed On Women, She Engages In Furtive Scholarly Pursuits And Writes Secret Narratives About Neglected And Silenced Women When She Meets The Eighteen Year Old Jesus, Each Is Drawn To And Enriched By The Other S Spiritual And Philosophical Ideas He Becomes A Floodgate For Her Intellect, But Also The Awakener Of Her HeartTheir Marriage Unfolds With Love And Conflict, Humor And Pathos In Nazareth, Where Ana Makes A Home With Jesus, His Brothers, James And Simon, And Their Mother, Mary Here, Ana S Pent Up Longings Intensify Amid The Turbulent Resistance To The Roman Occupation Of Israel, Partially Led By Her Charismatic Adopted Brother, Judas She Is Sustained By Her Indomitable Aunt Yaltha, Who Is Searching For Her Long Lost Daughter, As Well As By Other Women, Including Her Friend Tabitha, Who Is Sold Into Slavery After She Was Raped, And Phasaelis, The Shrewd Wife Of Herod Antipas Ana S Impetuous Streak Occasionally Invites Danger When One Such Foray Forces Her To Flee Nazareth For Her Safety Shortly Before Jesus S Public Ministry Begins, She Makes Her Way With Yaltha To Alexandria, Where She Eventually Finds Refuge And Purpose In Unexpected SurroundingsGrounded In Meticulous Historical Research And Written With A Reverential Approach To Jesus S Life That Focuses On His Humanity, The Book Of Longings Is An Inspiring Account Of One Woman S Bold Struggle To Realize The Passion And Potential Inside Her, While Living In A Time, Place, And Culture Devised To Silence Her

About the Author: Sue Monk Kidd

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    While this novel contains the historical rather than theological Jesus as a character, it is really the story of his fictional wife, Ana It is widely believed that during the lost years of Jesus he worked as carpenter in Sepphoris rather than Nazareth and Ana meets Jesus during this time The firs

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    I am Ana I was the wife of Jesus of Nazareth I am a voice I loved The Invention Of Wings and I will admit to being a lil skeptical about the subject of this novel being about Jesus I m so glad I didn t let that deter me from giving this a chance I was expecting biblical Jesus, however, Kidd came at this n

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    For many Christians, it has been believed that Jesus was an unmarried man who was crucified and buried and was the son of God Our knowledge of his life comes to us through the bible but there were many years that were unaccounted for in his thirty three years on earth What if in those years, Jesus did indeed marry

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    I was a little skeptical going into this book, mainly because I consider myself a fairly devout Christian While I am extremely open to interpretations and opposing beliefs, I thought this book would offend rather than inspire I am so glad that I ignored my reservations and finished the book This was definitely one of the m

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    4.5 stars A man s holy of holies contains God s laws, but inside a woman s there are only longings Young Ana has been raised in a wealthy family in Sepphoris her father, Matthias, is the head scribe to the ruler of Galilee, Herod Antipas Her mother, a beauty from a poor family, is cold and calculating Her adopted brother, J

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    If you have been waiting for a book like THE RED TENT for the past 20 years this is it Ana is Jesus wife and a force in her own right Monk does not come across sensational in her writing about a fictional marriage for Jesus but rather goes into great historical detail of the time and what it would be like to be a woman Loved this book.

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    I was both curious about this captivating story, and curious if the read would be as good as hoped with such a momentous premise it does Well researched and easy to enjoy the narrative voice with fully realized, provocative characters become an immersive human story plus it has a killer first line I am Ana I was the wife of Jesus Ana s voice is stro

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    Imagine that Jesus had a wife Not Mary Magdalene as proposed in The DaVinci Code and any other number of books ranging from fictional to scholarly Imagine that Jesus, in the years between reaching manhood and beginning his public role as prophet and visionary, when he lived as an ordinary Jewish man, fulfilling the ordinary expectations regarding family life

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    I am of two minds about this book It is divided into sections based on divisions in the character s life and her location The first one, in which she is a young woman teens , I found pretty dismal The language felt stilted, although that was probably an attempt to give a historical feel However, to people living in any time, their language is natural and this device

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    I read this in a couple cozy sittings over the holidays it struck me as I read it that I hadn t read a book like this in a long time a true, traditional, storytelling experience, this book is mythic and intimate, joyful and painful it really reads like an instant classic Unnlike a lot of books I read that feel half formed or not fully cooked this book felt like it just exists

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