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Incendiary I Am Renata ConvidaI Have Lived A Hundred Stolen LivesNow I Live My OwnRenata Convida Was Only A Child When She Was Kidnapped By The King S Justice And Brought To The Luxurious Palace Of Andalucia As A Robari, The Rarest And Most Feared Of The Magical Moria, Renata S Ability To Steal Memories From Royal Enemies Enabled The King S Wrath, A Siege That Resulted In The Deaths Of Thousands Of Her Own PeopleNow Renata Is One Of The Whispers, Rebel Spies Working Against The Crown And Helping The Remaining Moria Escape The Kingdom Bent On Their Destruction The Whispers May Have Rescued Renata From The Palace Years Ago, But She Cannot Escape Their Mistrust And Hatred Or The Overpowering Memories Of The Hundreds Of Souls She Turned Hollow During Her Time In The PalaceWhen Dez, The Commander Of Her Unit, Is Taken Captive By The Notorious Sangrado Prince, Renata Will Do Anything To Save The Boy Whose Love Makes Her Place Among The Whispers Bearable But A Disastrous Rescue Attempt Means Renata Must Return To The Palace Under Cover And Complete Dez S Top Secret Mission Can Renata Convince Her Former Captors That She Remains Loyal, Even As She Burns For Vengeance Against The Brutal, Enigmatic Prince Her Life And The Fate Of The Moria Depend On ItBut Returning To The Palace Stirs Childhood Memories Long Locked Away As Renata Grows Deeply Embedded In The Politics Of The Royal Court, She Uncovers A Secret In Her Past That Could Change The Entire Fate Of The Kingdom And End The War That Has Cost Her Everything

About the Author: Zoraida Córdova

Zoraida C rdova is the author of many fantasy novels for kids and teens, including the award winning Brooklyn Brujas series, Incendiary, and Star Wars A Crash of Fate Her short fiction has appeared in the New York Times bestselling anthology Star Wars From a Certain Point of View, Star Wars The Clone Wars Stories of Light and Dark, Come on In 15 Stories About Immigration and Finding Home, and Toil Trouble 15 Tales of Women and Witchcraft She is the co editor of Vampires Never Get Old Eleven Tales with Fresh Bite Her debut middle grade novel is The Way to Rio Luna She is the co host of the podcast Deadline City with Dhonielle Clayton Zoraida was born in Ecuador and raised in Queens, New York When she isn t working on her next novel, she s planning a new adventure NOTE Direct messages on this account may not be seen Send her an email at zoraidabooks gmail.com

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    this is a very read worthy story, in the way that most YA fantasy books tend to be but i am unconvinced that this offers anything new to the genre its quite tropetastic a minority group with magical abilities is hunted persecuted by the royalty in power, one girl has a unique and sought after ability, a group of rebels seek to bring down the kingdom, the girl works to ruin those who rule from the inside, a prince who

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    4.5 stars Extra bonus BookTube Video is up unboxing OwlCrate s Latest bookbox plus a mini review of May s books Incendiary and Witchy June s Reading Vlog Video is up Click the link to see where this one ranks along with all my other June books Full written review to come, but in the meantime, enjoy the book box pictures 4.5 stars Extra bonus BookTube Video is up unboxing OwlCrate s Latest bookbox plus a mini review of May s

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    Loved the beginning and the rest was pretty goodNow I m effing pissed I got my May Owlcrate today and it s the same damn book as my April FairyLoot everyone is behind due to covid, which is fine and that s two of the same books I ve gotten from each the past two boxes This doesn t happen that I often, but I may have to cancel one or the other after all these years Well my April FairyLoot just got here and while I love the sprayed ed

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    This is not great but it is still good, original, captivating I truly cried liked a baby and maturely threw my remote controller against the wall and I criedbecause I have no idea how to turn on the TV without it, after getting my rejection from the NetGalley for this book I looked at the beautiful cover and sniffedas if I m looking at the photo of unrequited lover Nope, it was somethingtorturing like looking at the cases of selected wines

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    UPDATE 3 18 20After much deliberation, we have decided to cancel the tour Due to the CDC s recommendation to cancel or postpone events for 8 weeks, we don t want to risk the public safety of any reader I m so heartbroken to have to do this, but I hope that you still pre order the book and share it The book will still be published April 28th.Love, Zoraida ______UPDATE 3 5 20 I M GOING ON TOUR I hope I get to see you at one of the stops._______UPDATE

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    Renata Convida has a special type of magic The kind that can rip your memories away She can take a little your first kiss, your biggest loss, the secret codes of a rebel army Or she can take it all Make you a hollow , nothingthan a shell of who you used to be Ren is everyone s nightmare But now she works for the Whispers, renegades fighting against the persecution of those with magic, the Moria Not an easy task when it emanates from the highest echelons of

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    RATINGS 4 STARSIncendiary is set in Inquisition era Spain where the royal family of Puerto Leones are recklessly determined to kill the magical people called Moria Renata Convida, a memory thief, was kidnapped by the royals to help them kill her own people After being free from the royal s cage, she works for the Whispers, a rebel group formed by Moria When Dez, the leader of her unit gets kidnapped by Prince Castian, Renata has to enter royal palace to save him O

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    I am a shadow I am a drop of ink Vengeance in the night I am a Robari.While this wasn t the most original of fantasy books a rebellion plot, it was unique in its own way.Ren is a Robari and part of the Moira people people who have magical abilities, whether this be persuading others emotions, illusions, mindreading or the most rare the ability to steal memories The Robari have the ability to steal memories and for this they are feared Steal too many memories and a person

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    loosely based on the Spain of the 15th century, reimagining the Inquisition Assassin s Creed anyoneloosely based on the Spain of the 15th century, reimagining the Inquisition Assassin s Creed anyone

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    4.5 starsIncendiary was an action packed fantasy set in a world inspired by 15th century Spain, reimagining the Inquisition While it had many of the tropes that are common in YA fantasy such as a main character with rare special powers it didn t feel boring or unoriginal to me and managed to make those common tropes exciting One of my favourite aspects of the book was the magic system It was heavily based on the senses and the mind which is not something I see often most magic systems I

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